upcoming opening 11 December 2021

11 December 2021

HARTOG & HENNEMAN – art jewellery and objects
JIUN YOU OU – art jewellery
UWE POTH – paintings, prints, mixed media

Jiska Hartog, Jeroen Henneman and Uwe Poth will be present at the opening for a meet, greet and any questions you may have about their work.

We look forward to seeing you in Mariaheide!

Winter exhibition
December 2021 until 26 February 2022
opening hours Galerie Door:
Saturday 11 December 2021 16.00 – 19.00 (opening)
then every Friday and Saturday from 11.00 – 18.00 and by appointment

address Galerie Door:
Versantvoortstraat 1
5464 TL Mariaheide
The Netherlands

Galerie Door contemporary art paintings Uwe Poth
Galerie Door contemporary art and contemporary fine art jewellery Hartog&Henneman