summer exhibition 2018

Hide and Seek
From saturday 9 June until saturday 15 september 2018 you can visit the exhibition ‘Hide and Seek’ with beautify art work by Jutta Kallfelz and Coco Sung at Galerie Door.

Both Jutta Kallfelz and Coco Sung studied contemporary jewellery art at Burg Giebichenstein, Hochschule für Kunst und Design (class Daniel Kruger). The title of their show refers to the game playing ‘hide and seek’. It also refers to an almost opposite approach of their work; one is trying to hide while the other is trying to discover.

Jutta Kallfelz’s (1975 Arnsberg, Germany) inspiration comes from nature. Sometimes her representations are realistic, like her flowers and the chess board with pieces. Mostely her work is beautifully stylized. Jutta Kallfelz works with aluminium in a certain massive size, thickness, allowing her to drill, saw and chisel this material. Like a sculptor Jutta Kallfelz carves the dull surface of the aluminium. With every stroke, every trace of her tool, she brings life and light into the aluminium, revealing both the subject’s character and the charater of the material. Her pieces a true master pieces.

Coco Sung (1979 Uslan, South Korea) made great wall objects with fabulous brooches for this exhibition. Her work strongly reminds us of altars, images of saints and ex-votos. Like the previous series of work, these new brooches are intended to be seen and worn as amulets.
The incredibly beautiful and lavishly decorated brooches are named after hormone, a neurotransmitter or a signaling molecule. Names that are linked to pleasant feelings and sometimes reproduction: vasopressin, oxytocin, adrenaline, dopamine, pheromone, serotonin. The wall objects themselves are richly decorated colourful houses, reliquaries or maybe even wombs?
Coco Sung tempts us to reflect, enjoy and wonder.