schmuck symposium 2019

SchmuckSymposium Zimmerhof 2019
From Thursday 30 May until Sunday 2 June 2019

We Are Family
For the 50th independent German Jewellery symposium we want to reflect on how our field has changed in the course of half a century with particular focus on the people that have facilitated the development of what is now a burgeoning international community. While great makers are essential, the field wouldn’t be the same big happy family (;-) without those who have chosen to help connect it. And of course one of the greatest examples of the facilitation of connection is this symposium itself, organized independently by volunteers for 50 years! Lets celebrate that amazing feat and listen to others that are not only interested in making and looking at great art, but who are also facilitating the positive growth of our strange little niche.

Doreen Timmers (Galerie Door) is one of the speakers (Friday 31 May 2019)

The gallery in Mariaheide will be closed Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June 2019