opening exhibition gallery door

10 november until 3 december 2017

The opening exhibition at galerie door. In this exhibition, and in all exhibitions to come, you will see works of art that tell stories. They can roughly be divided into three themes.

The first theme is art that’s inspired by the beauty of nature, also referred to as ‘the sublime’. The second theme deals with value. The value of material such as precious stones and gold versus the use of plastics considered as an everlasting – yet often considered – worthless material. The third theme may be described as the painterly theme ‘naïve’ or art that reflects a tribal, folkore type of expression, a universal language.

Participating artists: anna ameling, klara brynge, eva burton, tatjana giorgadse, idiots (afke golsteijn, floris bakker), elena gorbunova, helen habtay, mielle harvey, amelie spitz, valérie wagner, qi wang and inette van wijck


brabants dagblad, 10 november 2017
tekst door paula van hout
foto door jeroen appels / van assendelft