Next Door

Next Door
10 April – 6 June 2020 in Mariaheide, The Netherlands

During this Covid-19 crisis, we have to live without visits to the museum and theater. After two months of drought on the cultural level, there are many who want to be surprised again and open their ‘gates to the soul’. To serve that purpose Galerie Door has a nice offer. A safe and at the same time inspiring VIP tour in which you will be culturally pampered. Make an appointment for yourself or with someone you know and immerse in our sparkling spring sales exhibition. Plunge yourself into culture, with art that excites and stimulates the senses!

For this show the artists represented by Galerie Door were invited to make an artwork referring to the theme: next door. The ‘door’ leading to interpretations from a rite of passage, a transition, a hole, to an opening, borders… etc. We invite you to come in and open your door.

Your hostess Doreen Timmers will take you along the work of the following artists: Klara Brynge, Eva Burton, Tatjana Giorgadse, Elena Gorbunova, Helen Habtay, Hartog & Henneman, Mielle Harvey, Maria Hees, Colombe d’Humieres, Idiots (Afke Golsteijn and Floris Bakker), Taehee In, Jutta Kallfelz, Typhaine le Monnier, Holly O’Hanlon, Jiun You Ou, Sonia Pibernat, Darja Popolitova, Uwe Poth, Laurien Renckens, Philip Sajet, Elwy Schutten, Danni Schwaag, Coco Sung, Robean Visschers, Valérie Wagner, Qi Wang, Inette van Wijck and Kun Zhang.

We look forward to welcoming you!

please note:
Considering COVID-19 / coronavirus
The gallery is open every Friday and Saturday from 12.00 until 18.00 and by appointment.
Feel free to schedule your VIP tour.
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Typhaine le Monnier, NÓ: Knot a Decorative Complication 02.03, 2020, necklace, yellow lacquered steel, orange leather / orange lacquered steel, green leather, 220 x 350 x 20 mm, photo: Teresa Santos, courtesy Galerie Door
Robean Visschers, King Pin, 2020, brooch, old Dutch silver coin, sapphires, photo: courtesy artist, courtesy Galerie Door