Hell – 0

12 December 2020 until 20 February 2021

Seet van Hout – paintings from the series ‘After L.C.’
Jutta Kallfelz – jewellery
Kun Zhang – small scale sculpture and jewellery

Hell – 0, or hello … you are greeted. At the same time, the inferno, the ever-burning pit, the fiery punishing abode for sinners, stares at you. And this fire is accompanied by the number zero, the nothingness, but also the ellipse shape that continues indefinitely. Days are short and dark; a time when people seek security, but also fear the worst. Hell – 0 is a child of our time, and rides on the waves of fear and hope …

Seductive flames
Seductive, fiery and flaming are the pieces of the three artists spotlighted in this exhibition.
The series of works by the Dutch artist Seet van Hout (1957 Nijmegen) is inspired by a colorful version of the Martin Luther bible from 1534, published by Taschen, with woodcuts from the painter’s workshop of Lucas Cranach. This Luther Bible marks the beginning of Protestantism and the prints are full of criticism of Rome and the Pope. The series of paintings by Seet van Hout “After L.C.” is a contemporary, free translation of elements and motifs from this bible. Seet van Hout links flames and conflagration, beauty and Biblical scenes with embroidery and paint into contemporary seductive paintings.
Jutta Kallfelz’s (1975 Arnsberg, Germany) fire is at least to be sensed through her photos. This new group of brooches represent seven rabbits with names of people and flowers: Richard, Aster, Black Lilly, Fiver, Rupert, Roxy and Paula. Like medieval altar and saints statue masters, Jutta Kallfelz carves her refined images by hand; no other than human energy involved. These seven rabbits are very much realistic, with beautifully shiny, smooth, soft skin. At the same time, these animals have chopped bodies without heads, legs and tails as if they had been slaughtered or partially fled into earth they normally jump around in. Jutta Kallfelz confronts us with beautiful borders and limits.
The Chinese Kun Zhang (1990 Beijing, China) is the youngest, but not the least fiery of the trio. Her small scale sculptures are, in all ways and from all perspectives, constructed by antithesis: massive form & transparent parts, flat & curves, movement & stillness, sharp & soft, polished & frayed. Kun Zhang makes fantastic abstract sculptures where solid pedestals and fragile pins play the first fiddle. This artist forces us, the audience, the beholder, to focus on both the presence and the absence of material.

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Galerie Door contemporary art Seet van Hout