finissage – winter exhibition 29 February 2020

you are cordially invited to join us for the finissage of the winter exhibition on Saturday 29 February 2020 from 12-18 hrs

Eva Burton – Darja Popolitova – Philip Sajet
Uwe Poth – paintings

This is your last chance to experience a wonderful display of beautiful conceptual art jewellery and objects by Eva Burton (1984, Argentina), Darja Popolitova (1989, Estonia) and Philip Sajet (1953, The Netherlands) and multi layered paintings by Uwe Poth (1946, Germany).

TERNION – refers to the group of three modern jewellery artists exhibiting together for this occasion. The term also refers to the way of working; with mind, heart and hands. The objects and jewellery are more than just decoration. They are layered artworks that tell about our complex contemporary society and question us with topics ranging from “value”, “the frightening beauty of perfection” and “how to position yourself in the ruthless digital world.”

Eva Burton (1984 Argentina) plays with the social and economic concept of “value”. Eva Burton combines valuable gems and waste material (often wood from discarded furniture and instruments). She plays with symbols and concepts and challenges us to play with her. In her own words: “Humans are artists only when they are at play, or perhaps, they are ideally humans only when they are at play.”

Darja Popolitova
(1989 Estonia) uses jewellery – which she makes partly manually, partly mechanically from material derived from (biodegradable) industrial residual products – as a tool to help build and adjust your actual and your digital identity.

The art jewellery by Philip Sajet (1953, the Netherlands) covers you – sometimes literally – in “painful beauty.” His artworks are of classical beauty and an artistic perfection that is unparalleled.

The layered paintings by Uwe Poth (1946, Germany) challenge you to look and think. The paintings in this exhibition are extremely colorful and, at the same time understated, realistic on the one hand and also abstract. Uwe Poth paints layer by layer, with which he hides and creates: movement, material, time, form, story. A couple of paintings from the series SNOW – WENS and a new series of portraits titled “Fête” are part of this winter exhibition.

The exhibitions run through 29 February 2020
opening hours: every Friday and Saturday 12-18 and by appointment

Philip Sajet, Pearl, 2015, necklace, glass, gold, pearls - photo: Beate Klockmann
Eva Burton, Cosmic Candies Constelados, 2017, necklace, anodized aluminium, green jaspis, 14ct gold - photo: Qi Wang
Darja Popolitova, Hybrid Modus III, 2017, necklace, rubber, silver, textile, lab created garnet, 100 x 100 x 10 mm - photo: Darja Popolitova
Uwe Poth, Fete 4, 2008-2019, painting, oil paint on linen, 30 x 30 cm - photo: Uwe Poth