Finissage – Door is Open Again

13 June until 5 September 2020

The need to be surprised, to discover new views and faces. The need to explore landscapes, to be both visually and mentally ‘touched’. These are the reasons why mankind wants to travel, particularly in summer time. Start traveling at Galerie Door; the broad variety of artworks will guide you on your journey through the remote corners of your mind.

Door is Open Again
Sònia Pibernat – jewellery
Danni Schwaag – jewellery & paintings
Camile Smeets – ceramics

Lines, circles and weaves in gold or silver with sometimes a bright pink paint stroke. Sònia Pibernat (1984 Barcelona, ​​Spain) investigates movement and translates it into subtle volumes, by which she creates three-dimensional drawings. Wearing her pieces is like wearing a tangible poem of transparency.

Colours and materials; Danni Schwaag (1981 Dülmen, Germany) is a master of enamelling and composition. Her jewellery pieces are wearable paintings. Danni is quite popular for the accessibility and simple beauty of her art works which nonetheless trigger surprise and infatuation.

An “ode to life and beyond”. Camile Smeets‘s (1983 Amsterdam, The Netherlands) wonderful sculptures are like dreams, recognizable figurative yet alienating, surreal. With female figures at the centre, an ode to fertility, care, love, sadness and despair … you’ll be tantalized!

Every Friday and Saturday from 14 August until Saturday 5 September 2020 you can visit the gallery from 12:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Would you like a VIP treat and a personal touch? Call us to make an appointment for a guided tour for you and perhaps your friends or beloved ones. We welcome you on any day that suits us both!

We look forward to opening our Door for you!

Saturday 5 September 2020 from 12 until 18 hrs. will be the last day to visit this wonderful summer exhibition.

Galerie Door contemporary art and ceramics Camile Smeets