Finissage 1 August 2021

1 August 2021 – Finissage at Galerie Door
from 13.00 to 17.00 hrs

What’s left of the day. insights
art jewellery
Felicia Mülbaier

Zooming in or Zooming out?
art jewellery in micro mosaic
Elwy Schutten

Both Felicia Mülbaier (1988 lives and works in Mannheim, Germany) and Elwy Schutten (1990 lives and works in Nijmegen, The Netherlands) share a passion for material. These young and talented artists take us along their journey across the boarders of material. They both feature almost non-human patience and a steady hand; solid stones are bent and opened and stacked into beautiful portraits.

Felicia Mülbaier‘s art jewellery – or sculptures – originated from lapis lazuli, a gemstone in royal blue. With endless grinding and filing, Felicia transforms the hard, cold stone into a window: fragile, open and narrative.
Bit by bit – brick by brick – a face, a portrait, emerges; a woman, a man. Elwy Schutten ‘paints’ her models using five elements. “They show the similarities between us all. But every stone is unique and handmade.”

Elwy Schutten will be present at the finissagge 1 August 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Galerie Door contemporary art and contemporary fine art jewellery Felicia Muelbaier
Galerie Door contemporary art and contemporary fine art jewellery Elwy Schutten