Das große Glück (Eine schöne Kirchen – part 2)

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From 12 June until 4 July 2021

A extraordinary exhibition by artist Uwe Poth and Galerie Door in honor of Albrecht Dürer in the Sint Stevenskerk in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The visit of the artist from Nürnberg to Nijmegen – described in a few sentences in his travel diary ‘Tagebuch Der Reise in Die Niederlande’ – has been a source of inspiration for the German born painter Uwe Poth. During his long career as an artist, Uwe Poth has created several series of paintings in which he draws on Dürer’s art-theoretical investigations such as the perspective or his printing techniques. Poth uses both images from timeless Nijmegen such as the Stevenskerk, and mingles them with a variety of other forms and shapes to create his view of the city he lives in and Durer once visited.
The result is astonishing!
Form and image merge in a colourful world which spawn both recognition and surprise. Uwe Poth invites you to scrutinize his work and share your particular view of the little part of the world you will be finding yourself at during this show.

Das große Glück – Albrecht Dürer | Uwe Poth
(Eine schöne Kirchen – part 2)
12 June until 4 July 2021
Sint Stevenskerkhof 62
6511 VZ Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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