autumn 2019 duo exhibition Klara Brynge & Jiun You Ou

Silent monochrome pieces, made from a single material with fine and repetitive lines are characteristic for the jewellery of both Klara Brynge (1980 Sweden) and Jiun You Ou (1982 Taiwan).

Klara Brynge – Elsewhere
The material silver in Klara Brynge’s pieces is not directly recognizable as such. The material is hardly polished, looks gray and somewhat rough. Nevertheless, the material, the silver, is of great importance: The precious metal offers some counterbalance to the ‘endless’ hammer work that is set line by line. Klara’s work reflects great fascination for large natural plains, in which especially water and hilly landscapes play a leading role.

Jiun You Ou – Writing
The work of Jiun You Ou in this exhibition is made of ink stone. This stone origins from China and is used in calligraphy and painting. The work itself is no bigger than a hand but looks monumental. The shapes of the brooches are indefinable and at the same time they evoke all kinds of associations: characters, symbols, writing. They are poems that need time, examination, a second, a third look.

on show until 23 November 2019

open Fridays and Saturdays 12 – 18 and by appointment

Available – New arrivals
Poetic pastel panels by Laurien Renckens
Clear, complex ‘constructed’ ring and brooch by Robean Visschers
Stones ‘set’ in silver, sturdy (wood cast) silver ring and brooch by Taehee In