valérie wagner

1992 France


2014 – 2017 bachelor of fine arts, Hochschule Trier, department gemstone and jewellery design, Idar-Oberstein, Germany
2012 – 2014 technical studies, art goldsmithing techniques, Lycée professionnel Jean Guéhenno, Saint Amand Montrond, France
2012 – 2014 diplôme des métiers d’art, jewelry Art and Design , Lycée professionnel Jean Guéhenno, Saint Amand Montrond, France
2011 – 2012 art school in Metz, France

about the work

Thinking about temps is thinking about moments, movements, measurements, rhythm, changes, dynamics, actions, space, tempo, temporality, eternity, irreversibility, durability, duration, pulsation, seasons, weather, climate, history, nostalgia, death, Dasein, existence, time…
The French word temps has different meanings depending on the context: It means time but it can also define a meteorological state. The polysemy of this word was challenging me. It enabled me to make a relation between time and climate. Two concepts that can be as confusing and complex as they are common and controversial in our society.
I started to search for temps.
On my way I saw a person running after time, thinking that catching it is like catching a train and another running far away from a mysterious monster that is called ‘loss of time’. I met a person trapped in bygone times and another dreaming about ‘free-time’. I finally met people thinking that time should not be a clock that is always ticking on the same rhythm for everything and every one of us. People considering a multitude of different times and rhythms through other cultures, nature and life itself.
For me stones are the material which contain the subject of temps outstandingly. They almost overflow with time related symbolism. On them you can read the signs of environmental changes like lines in a book. When I started to work with stones I suddenly got confronted with another rhythm, another kind of time. I had to slow down and contemplate. I got fascinated by dripstones growing drop by drop in the bowels of earth. It took months, even years until these drops grew an object. I also started to search for stones around me and as such a personal story was created with each of them. When I look at them I imagine that some were laying deep in the ocean before the first man breathed. Others are the protectors of a precious miniaturized world, the guardians of many secrets slumbering in the depth of earth.
Words, lines, stones, threads, colors can tell different stories to different persons, or they can be just what they are in their material appearance, depending on how we look at them.
My pieces are fabling temps. They are a portal to another world, they are living shadows, dancing silhouettes, encounters through time and space, memories drawn in sand.
valérie wagner

temps, 2017, necklace, stalagmite (from Fontaines Pétrifiantes de Sainte Nectaire, FR), coton - photo: nima ashrafi