typhaine le monnier

1980 Paris, France


2019 – Escola de Joalharia, Lisbon, Portugal
2012 – 2015 Master of Arts, Hochschule Trier, department gemstone and jewellery design,Idar-Oberstein, DE
2007 – 2011 AR.CO Jewellery department, Lisbon, Portugal
2003 – 2005 Bachelor in Cinematographic production, Paris, France
2001 – 2002 Bachelor in Anthropology University Paris, France


2010 – 2011 jewellery department AR.CO, Lisbon, Portugal


since 2007


2015 Européen Prize for applied Arts Mons, Belgium
2015 Zonta Prize, International woman in public affairs, Trier, Germany
2014 Prize Mineral ART, Munich, Germany
2010 Prize, municipality of Setubal, Portugal
2009 Prize Young creator, Portugal
2008 Prize Young creator, Portugal

about the work

AREA OF A CIRCLE: function follows form
This series of pieces is based on a simple question: How to adapt the function to the form?
In this case the form is a circle and the function is to wear it.
So how to wear a circle? by the addition of mediating elements, which function will be to adapt the circle to the body.
The outcome is a composition of objects with variant shapes and materials, such as stone, brass or wood, designed to intercede, but also ornate the wearer’s neck.
The series of collars became wearable circles.
The circular strips are almost floating around the neck, creating an illusion of abstraction.

Galerie Door contemporary art and contemporary fine art jewellery Typhaine le Monnier Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial
Galerie Door contemporary art and contemporary fine art jewellery Lisbon biennial 2021