sarah powell

1984 Dorset, United Kingdom


2014 – 2020 Postgraduate Diploma, Class of Jewellery and Hollowware, Prof. Karen Pontoppidan, Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Germany
2006 – 2009 BA Fine Art, Kingston University, London, United Kingdom
2003 – 2005 National Diploma Photography, Arts University Bournemouth, United Kingdom


since 2009


2018 Finalist, Talente 2018, IHM München, Munich, Germany
2018 Prize winner, Danner class competition ‘burn out’, Munich Academy, Germany
2017 Finalist, BKV-Prize for Young Applied Arts, Munich, Germany
2014 Prize winner, Danner class competition ‘schaum’, Munich Academy, Germany
2013 The Edward and Sally Van Lier Fellowship, funded by New York Community Trust
2007 Kingston University/GVSU Art exchange program

about the work

Working with stones sourced from the landscape of southern England, where I grew up, I seek to communicate my inner world through the physicality of stone carving.
Shale, Chalk and Flint are part of the natural geology of the region, and are found above Earth’s surface. While searching for these stones, I create a connection to place
that is integral to the story of each work.
Simultaneously I work on the material plane parallel to the intangible, I want to evoke a tactility in my work that is felt through the senses, while remaining ineffable.
The axis of fragility/solidity is a reoccurring theme. Indeed, vulnerability exists in something as definite as stone.
© sarah powell 2021

Uwe Poth, Fete 4, 2008-2019, painting, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm - photo Uwe Poth