inette van wijck

1956 Beek, the Netherlands


1988 – 1993 1st degree fine arts, ArtEZ Hogeschool voor Beeldende Kunsten Arnhem, Arnhem, the Netherlands
1982 – 1986 2nd degree fine arts, Kunstacademie Tilburg, Tilburg, the Netherlands


since 1995

about the work

As long as she can remember Inette van Wijck has made traces and prints in ceramics, glass, paper, plant roots, plastic and bronze. Her love for molds and castings, materials and nature can be related to the fact that she grew up in the Nijmegen river landscape where her father managed a brick factory. Inette’s work also seems to convey a metaphorical hang to traces and imprints. The impressions that a parent leaves on its child. Or in a bigger picture, the footprints man leaves on his immediate environment; together with the beautiful and irreversible things this brings about.
© doreen timmers

Galerie Door contemporary art and contemporary fine art jewellery Inette van Wijck
inette van wijck, mountain mirrors, 2012, object, bronze, nickel - photo: doreen timmers