helen habtay

1986 Germany


2014 – 2018 master of fine arts, Hochschule Trier, department gemstone and jewellery design, Idar- Oberstein, Germany
2009 – 2013 bachelor of honours jewellery, Middelsex University, London, United Kingdom


since 2016

about the work

Leather and stone seem to be contrasting materials at first glance. The idea of leather to cover and protect life contrasts with the idea how we appreciate gemstones, which have to be stripped off to become vivid for us. I am fascinated by the interplay of the materials. Both are organic, unique and are elementary in nature, after which they are abstracted by men into culture.
helen habtay

map and territory no 5, 2017, necklace, leather, reconstructed ivory, rubber, pink marble, magnet – photo: qi wang
helen habtay, map and territory no. 9, 2017, leather, tiger's eye, pyrite slate, 14ct rose gold, 925 silver