eva burton

1984 Buenos Aires, Argentina


2015 – 2018 master of fine arts, Hochschule Trier, department gemstone and jewellery design, Idar-Oberstein, Germany
2011 – 2014 bachelor in artistic jewelry design, Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain
2006 – 2010 patrimony degree, restoration and conservation of artistic and cultural, IUNA, National University of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina


since 2013

about the work

when play meets ritual
Play acts in our life as a driving force, it is a hint for us to find harmony. It opens a tunnel in our minds that leads us to our backyard, our sacred corner of creativity and freedom: our unconsciousness. This consecrated place is also full of challenges and we could experience not only joy but also stress and pain. Confusion is a condition sine qua non to find our truth. In this ambiguity, in this limitation, in this blend, is where play meets ritual. Embracing play we are able to be reborn and come back to our everyday routine with a backpack full of experiences and wisdom.
An artist is a rebel, has disagreements with specific issues concerning the reality in which he lives and because of this, he wants to change things. The artist has the capacity of transforming material into ideas. Through this process in which he experiments with tension and stress he is able to achieve keen relish. He plays with the reality by mixing experiences from the inner world with the external world. Play endows him with the power of transforming a traumatic situation into pleasure, creating a presence that will fill the anguish of the absence. In this magical blend lies artistic inspiration. The grief of the artist is transformed into something that abandons his corporeity to become something separated. Why, then, Picasso painted “Guernica”? Why, then, did John Lennon write “Imagine”?
Reversal and inversion, exaggeration, paradox, playing with boundaries, playing with meanings, playing with infinity, playing with space, playing with time… This is what a Human does… This is the Homo Ludens.
Humans are artists only when they are at play, or perhaps, they are ideally humans only when they are at play.
eva burton

Eva Burton, Toy Totem, 2017, sculpture, anodized aluminum, agate, rock crystal, aventurine, rhodonite, obsidian, lapis lazuli, ruby-zoisite, angelite, wood, acrylic paint, (height totem approx. 35 cm) photo: wang qi
Eva Burton, Lollypop Castle, 2014, necklace, agate, cachalong, reconstructed material, copper, enamel, silver, patina, gold, acrylic paint, recovered wood from piano