dot melanin



2016 master of fine arts MFA, Hochschule Trier, department gemstone and jewellery design, Idar-Oberstein, Germany

been there done that

2023 Enamel creativity award winners exhibition. Shenkar college, Ramat-Gan, Israel 2023 “NSAIO 7” exhibition Villa Bengel Idar-Oberstein Germany 2022 Selected artis for the first israeli biannale “colorful recovery” Geological Museum ramat hasharon, Israel 2022 “The truth-mine and yours” exhibition. Geological Museum, ramat hasharon Israel 2022 “Let there be Rock” Museum of the Bohemian Paradise, Turnov. Czech republic 2022 “LITHOMANIA” Design LAB #11 Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Germany 2021 “Rapunzel” Group exhibition jewellery in the tower Germany 2021 “in to the light” jewelry and gemstones Germany 2021 Selected to Amberif design award 2021 2021 Selected to “still human?” Legnica international jewellery competition 2021 “ROCKSTARS” exhibition. Schütt Galerie. Pforzheim, Germany 2020 “HOT-SPOT” SOLO Jewelry experience. Idar-Oberstein, Germany 2020 “Look what I did in Marzee” SOLO Exhibition. Nijmegen, Netherlands 2020 “Be a Sweetheart” Exhibition. Milano, Italy 2019 “KAMIKAZE” Group exhibition. Rumerhouse, Idar-Oberstein, Germany 2019 “In the Evidence of its Beauty” exhibition. SMAC, State Museum of Archeology Chemnitz, Germany 2019 “19th SILVER Triannale” Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau. Germany 2019 Winner, honorable Mention of Goldsmithing Artists’ Association Poland 2019 Selected for “SILVER” exhibition silver festival, The Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland 2018 “Ramybes” gallery. Palanga, Lithuania 2018 Vilnius Academy of Arts, gallery “Argentum”, Vilnius, Lithuania 2018 Selected for “SHIBUSH” Ehibition, Holon Design Museum, Israel 2018 “Brother from another mother” Group exhibition, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, Netherlands 2018 “Minimal Compact” Duo exhibition with Dana Seachuga “Tallinn design festival 2018″ A-Galerii , TALLINN, ESTONIA 2018 Selected for “European Prize for Applied Arts 2018”. Mons, Belgium 2018 Selected for “Insects” exhibition, Galeria Alice Floriano. Porto Alegre, Brazil 2018 Selected for “Illusion”competition, silver festival, The Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland 2018 Selected for “AmberTrip2018” International Baltic Jewellery Show “Nothing to Declare” Exhibition/Competition. Vilnius, Latvia 2017 first prize winner in the “Innovation” category. International Biennial of Amber Art Works ,”Alatyr”, Russia 2017 Selected for ” Identity” competition, silver festival, The Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland 2017 Selected by “Pauly Curvings” Tucson Fair, Arizona, USA 2017 “Art&Text” exhibition, 44AD ARTSPACE, Bath, England 2017 “look what I did” SOLO exhibition “Bengel” museum, Idar-Oberstein, Germany 2017 “its a kind of magic” exhibition, jewelry and gemstones, Idar-Oberstein, Germany 2016 “NSIO6” Exhibition, Stadtmuseum Simeonstift, Trier, Germany 2016 “Galerie Handwerk” exhibition, Theodor-Zink-Museums, Koblenz, Germany 2016 M.A final project, winner of Marzee international graduation show 2016 2016 Selected for Staats-und FörderpreisTrianale im Kunsthandwerk 2016, Preis des Handwerks 2016, Mainz, Germany 2016 Selected for “CITY” exhibition, silver festival, The Gallery of Art, Legnica,Poland 2016 “Enamel here and now” exhibition, Artists house, Tel-Aviv, Israel 2016 collaboration with “Astonish” group, Inhorgenta fair, Munich Germany 2016 “light my fire” exhibition, jewelry and precious stones, Idar-Oberstein Germany 2015 “boundaries” silver festival, The Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland 2015 “Hypnostone” group exhibition, Munich jewelry week, Munich, Germany 2014 “NSIO5” Exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany 2014 “Green Exhibition”, ecological event Tel Aviv, Israel 2013 B.A final project selected to participate in “Galerie Marzee” international graduation show, Nijmegen, the Netherlands 2013 Selected assistent for jewelry artist Michal Noyman in her winning project “twigs” 2013 First prize winner in original young designer “enamel jewelry” competition, in the memory of Sara Gellman 2012 SOLO exhibition, “Patina Research”, Shankar Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2012 “Fashion jewelry” exhibition, Shankar Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2010 Swarovski “wall jewelry” exhibition, Swarovski Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2010 Excellence Student of the year 2010 Shenkar college, Israel 2006 Traditional metal work, Darashalla, North India

Galerie Door - ring by Dot Melanin