darja popolitova

1989 Estonia


2017 – heden EKA Estonian Academy of Arts, Arts and Design, PhD, Prof Kadri Mälk, Dr Raivo Kelomees, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 – 2015 EKA Estonian Academy of Arts, Jewellery and Blacksmithing (cum laude), Prof Kadri Mälk, Tallinn, Estonia
2012 – 2013 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Studio S+M+L+XL Metal and Jewellery, Prof Karol Weisslechner, Bratislava, Slovakia
2008 – 2012 Estonian Academy of Arts, Glass art and design, Prof Mare Saare, Tallinn, Estonia


since 2013


2013 Young Estonian Jewellery Award

work in public collections

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Estonia
Jewellery and Blacksmithing department’s collection, Tallinn, Estonia
Collection of Sillamäe Museum, Estonia

about the work

A powerful piece of jewellery is an essence; it is resulted from fusion of humility and desire. The fusion is a quality that comes only while controlling its’ richest saturation – poisonous in a big doses. Artist is a perfumer whose fragrance takes physical form only when created by previously written recipe. It’s all somehow intimate. Artist and jewellery become shy lovers allured by unsaid words of love. My collectible jewellery is for big ego and can be treated as contemporary relics. Involving high technologies into a creative process, these works merge innovative and sensual worlds — digitally modified baroque treasures. The topics of my works include androgyny, tactility and digital culture.

Galerie Door contemporary art and contemporary fine art jewellery Darja Popolitova
darja popolitova, metanoia XV, brooch, 2016, stabilized wood, silver, steel, lab created glass, modelled and 3D scanned, CNC milled, 103 x 35 x 20 mm, photo: Darja popolitova (sold)