colombe d’humieres

1994 Paris, France


2014 – 2017 jewellery design BA, Central Saint Martins, London, UK
2013 – 2014 foundation year, Central Saint Martins, London, UK
2012 – 2013 ESAG Penninghen, graphic design/interior design/drawing, Paris, France
2012 Baccalaureate ES, Lycée La Rochefoucauld, Paris, France
2011 summer school, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, USA


2018 – 2019 assistant teacher, foundation year, Central Saint Martins, London, UK


since 2017

about the work

Turning around the notion of value, my work is questioning its underlying foundation. I’m looking at symbols, what they represent and their subjective value depending on the materials they are made of. Trained as a jeweller at Central Saint Martins, I take jewellery as a medium to lead curiosity.

CRIMETHOUGHTS (24/11/2018)
This is a psychological and symbolic travel through the mind
Exploring how far ideas and obsessions can go.
We all have a criminal mind
Intrusive thoughts
The difference stands in the action we decide to take
Whether we act on it on, or whether we wait and let them go.
Why some act on it and some don’t?
This series of pieces is exploring mental compulsions.
(as well as serving a self-cathartic purpose to extract the surplus of criminal thoughts)
colombe d’humieres

Colombe d'Humieres, n.t., 2020, door knocker, bronze, approx. 21 x 16 x 5 cm, photo: courtesy of the artist, courtesy Galerie Door
colombe d'humieres, ... 2018, necklace, zilver, rubies, .. x .. x .. mm, photo: courtesy colombe d'humieres